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At Champion Projects we are used to providing a comprehensive range of expert carpentry services for our clients. Usually this involves doors & windows, kitchen fitting, laminate flooring installation and other types of home and shop remodelling projects. However every now and then we are presented with the prospect of getting involved in something a little different.

Last year a client came to us with an old whisky barrel and enquired whether we’d be up to the task of refurbishing it into a drinks cabinet. A very enthusiastic “yes!” was the answer! We’re always more than willing to take on new and unusual projects and were very excited to tackle this one.

Armed with a photo of a similar refurbished whisky barrel, which the client provided, alongside a list of requirements we got to work. There were several aspects that needed to be taken care of in order to successfully transform the barrel into a functional and attractive piece of furniture suitable for use within a home.

The metal hoops were coated in lacquer to give them a slick look and ensure they are resistant to rusting. We also stripped, sanded and oiled the timber, removing any marks and scratches it had suffered during its years spent in the distillery.

If it was going to become a cabinet it obviously needed a door. To achieve this we removed a panel of timber from the body of the barrel which was then repurposed as a door by the addition of hinges and a handle. An internal shelf was required in order to hold many bottles of what we’re sure will be delicious drinks so we created a bespoke timber shelf that was then fitted inside the barrel perfectly. One of the desired features requested by the client was internal LED lighting. We fitted the lighting and incorporated motion detection so that the lighting would turn on automatically upon opening the door.

The finished product was a beautiful and unique drinks cabinet that our client was absolutely thrilled with. As something that was created to contain alcohol it’s very fitting that the barrel has gained a new purpose in doing what it was made to do – just in a slightly different way!

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Bespoke carpentry projects like this are always a lot of fun and we appreciated the opportunity to think outside of the box and let our creativity flourish. If you require carpentry services for any unusual or bespoke projects get in touch with us today for a chat!

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