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It goes without saying that the flooring you choose for your property is hugely important. It has to look good, feel good, perform well and cope with literally being walked all over every day! When put like that, finding a flooring type that ticks all of the boxes may seem a big ask. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Whether you want something soft and cosy for your living room or need a durable and waterproof floor for your kitchen, there are a number of different flooring types that offer everything you may need and more. As flooring specialists we definitely know a thing or two, so let us talk you through a few of the flooring solutions that are most popular with our customers.

Carpet – The traditional choice within the home has become a little less favoured in recent times. And to be honest, this isn’t a surprise. The levels of maintenance required can be a bit higher than some other flooring types, especially for those with kids, pets and busy households. So with that in mind it is no wonder that some people are opting for an easier-to-manage alternative.

Abingdon Carpet

If that doesn’t put you off, though, carpets can make an incredible feature for your home. An endless choice of colours, patterns and styles combined with unrivalled warmth and comfort allows carpets to excel when it comes to delivering a welcoming and relaxed environment. Our clients are huge fans of Abingdon and the luxurious range of high quality carpets that they offer.

LVT Flooring – Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is a massively popular choice for both homes and business properties and it is really not hard to understand why. We have discussed this fantastic product before on our blog, so head over and have a read if you want a more in depth insight. However, its advantages can be summarised fairly quickly:

  • Completely waterproof, not just water resistant, so it is suitable for absolutely any room or area within your property
  • Highly resilient to stains and scuffs, ensuring it looks amazing at all times
  • Softer and more comfortable underfoot feel than ceramic, wood and other hard floors
  • Doesn’t warp or crack like natural wood and is totally compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • Attractive appearance with both wood and stone effect options available
  • Requires only low levels of maintenance to keep it looking stunning
Amtico Form Rural Oak
Amtico Spacia

We could go on forever about why we love LVT flooring, but instead we’ll just say this – if you’re looking for a premium hard floor that offers high performance in any situation, do yourself a favour and make sure you don’t overlook luxury vinyl tile. At Champion Projects our expert flooring fitters can provide a full supply and installation service for the complete range from industry-leading LVT specialists Amtico.

Engineered Wood Flooring – Another one we have discussed before, and yet another fantastic option. The name makes it sound a bit technical, but all you need to know is that engineered wood flooring offers the benefits you associate with traditional hardwood flooring without any of the drawbacks. Solid wood flooring offers a timeless look that will always be in demand. Unfortunately, it is typically very costly, prone to warping, cracking and developing gaps as well as being incompatible with underfloor heating. However, due to modern floor manufacturing techniques, these issues are not something you have to worry about when it comes to engineered wood. Instead you get to enjoy the wonderful appearance of wood flooring with the fantastic benefits of modern flooring, at a fraction of the price. Sounds like an excellent deal to us!

Engineered Wood Flooring

Flooring Specialists

As well as the options covered above, we can also provide other types of flooring, including a wide range of superior laminate flooring solutions. Whatever type of flooring you are interested in, get in touch with Champion Projects and we can help you find the perfect solution for your property.

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