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Traditional solid wood flooring has huge appeal and is a popular choice for many rooms within the home. However, it does have some significant drawbacks which can often result in it not being the most practical flooring solution. These potential issues include its high cost, tendency to warp & crack, incompatibility with some underfloor heating systems and gaps caused by the natural expansion and contraction experienced by wood. Fortunately there is a fantastic alternative that offers all of the benefits of a solid wood floor without any of the shortcomings.

Introducing Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring provides the perfect balance between the character of traditional solid wood flooring and the performance of modern flooring manufacturing techniques. This flooring choice looks stunning and the only difference that you may notice is the absence of the typical flaws experienced with solid wood. It allows you to benefit from the classic look of solid wood flooring without having to accept any compromise in the quality and performance you expect from a modern flooring solution – whilst also being available at a fraction of the price of traditional wood flooring!

Engineered Oak Flooring Specialist Poole

18mm Engineered Oak

Engineered Wood Flooring Specialist Poole

18mm Engineered Oak

This excellent flooring option is made possible by utilising a very innovative process which involves combining multiple layers of different woods. The top, visible layer looks exactly like solid wood for one simple reason – it is solid wood! This layer, most often oak, is bonded to the base layers which are typically composed of softwood or plywood. The intricacies in the engineering technique allows these layers to bond to the oak wood in a precise way which prevents the hardwood top layer from experiencing the negative effects associated with typical wood flooring, as well as providing an increased level of stability.

Since the top layer is made entirely from solid wood, and is the only layer that is visible, you can expect the same look and feel as you would from a traditional solid wood floor. It also allows for the same range of styles, colours and materials offered by solid wood floors to be available as engineered wood flooring. As the flooring as a whole is only partially composed of solid oak, or other type of hardwood, the result is a less expensive product in comparison to flooring that consists of 100% solid wood.

Flooring Specialist Poole

As flooring specialists Champion Projects offer a comprehensive supply and installation service for engineered wood flooring. The unique properties that engineered wood benefits from allows it to be utilised as the ideal flooring choice for most areas throughout the home. If you’re interested in a new engineered wood floor in Poole, Bournemouth and throughout Dorset and would like to discuss it further, please get in touch with our team of expert flooring fitters today.

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