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In the days before central heating was an accessible technology found in almost every home, the fireplace played a vital role in keeping people warm. Not only did it serve as a heat source, it was also the main focal point of the room. The perfect area to gather to socialise, eat, drink, enjoy hobbies, share stories and whatever else people did for fun before televisions and smartphones were a thing! The importance of the fireplace meant that every home contained one.

While they obviously fell out of favour due to more effective and efficient heating technologies becoming available, proof of their earlier prevalence is still abundant today, with many homes still featuring their original fireplaces. Some people aren’t keen on them though, and many homeowners have chosen to board up, cover or completely remove their historical hearth. At Champion Projects, however, we are big fans of the fireplace. The history they represent, the connection to the past they hold, their elegant and charming appearance – we just love it all. We believe that even if it is no longer used or even functional, a fireplace can still feature as an amazing focal point of your home, just as it would have all of those years ago.

What is a Fire Wall?


We are definitely not alone in this belief, which is shown by the growing trend of homeowners choosing to have fire walls installed in their homes. What is a fire wall? Not to be confused with a type of software used to protect your laptop against viruses, when we say fire wall we are talking about a bespoke fitted structure which works to enhance the wall surrounding your fireplace. This can be shelving, cabinets, drawers, countertops, mantles, cladding or really anything else you may desire.

A fire wall draws attention to the beauty of your fireplace while also acting as a stunning feature itself. Much the same concept as media walls, which we have discussed before, a fire wall can really transform any room into the absolute highlight of your property. From stylish storage solutions to shelving to display your prized ornaments or artwork, however you choose to utilise your fire wall we guarantee that it will be an immediate eye-catcher.

If you don’t have a traditional fireplace, don’t worry! Fire walls still look amazing with modern, electric or gas fireplaces too. By working closely with the experts at Gas Appliance Superstore we can design and build gorgeous fire walls which feature premium, high quality and attractive fireplaces.

Bespoke Fire Wall Carpentry Services

If you are interested in a fire wall for your property, get in touch with us today. Whether you have an existing fireplace you want to enhance or you are looking to feature a modern one, our skilled carpenters can design, create and install the perfect bespoke fire wall for your and your home.

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