Getting the most from your kitchen with clever storage solutions

Kitchens are required to have a lot of functionality, often packed into a limited space. From cutlery, crockery, pots and pans to food, drink, utensils and all of the other kitchen essentials you need on hand, it can be difficult to fit everything in. However, by utilising some clever storage solutions it is possible to ensure everything has its own place, stored neatly away, even in the smallest of kitchens.

Clever cupboard storage in a kitchen
Cupboard Storage

There are some truly innovative storage options available for kitchens nowadays which make use of space that would typically have been unused in traditional kitchen designs. The best example of this is the internal side of your cupboard doors, which are usually left bare. By utilising this space with bespoke shelving, you can create the perfect space for bottles, jars, tins and anything else that may fit, offering quick and easy access.

Internal kitchen drawer
Internal Drawer

Another popular feature in modern kitchens are internal drawers. As the name suggests, an internal drawer is simply a drawer within a drawer or cupboard which allows for reduced clutter and better organisation of cutlery, kitchenware, ingredients etc. Many drawers, especially larger ones for storing pots, pans, trays and other bulky items, will have space in the upper part that goes unfilled. An internal drawer is a fantastic way to fill this space with something functional.

Bespoke storage solutions don’t have to be hidden away inside a drawer or cupboard though. They can also be stylish features fully on display. Racks for bottles of wine, drinking glasses, dinner plates and other items can be custom-made and incorporated into your kitchen design in a way that looks both attractive and makes full use of the available space.

Bespoke Storage for your Kitchen

These are just a few examples of how utilising clever storage solutions can help to increase the functionality of your kitchen. If you require a certain type of storage included in your kitchen, at Champion Projects our expert kitchen fitters are always more than happy to design and create the perfect solution for your needs. We love seeing our clients making the absolute most out of their kitchen, and we encourage you to never settle for less!

Images used within this article are courtesy of our kitchen supplier Howdens.

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