A Champion Projects Media Wall Display

We love sharing images of our handiwork on our social media channels, as well as right here on our blog, as it is a great way of exhibiting the high levels of effort and superior craftsmanship that goes into every project we are involved in. Judging by the feedback we receive, our followers love getting to see what we’ve been working on too!

One type of project that consistently receives a lot of attention is our Media Walls. They are a definite hit and it is no surprise that their popularity has been growing massively in recent times. They are without doubt one of the most enquired about home improvements and it is no mystery as to why! With style and functionality in equal measures, a Media Wall is a luxurious addition to any home.

Visit our Official Media Wall Display in Poole

Our Media Walls look great in photos but they look even better in real life. You don’t have to just take our word for it, though! In partnership with our friends at Gas Appliance Superstore we now have an official Media Wall display, giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of these fantastic home improvement innovations.

Each of our Media Walls is designed and custom made to your desired specifications, ensuring it is the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. Whether you want to keep it simple with just a TV and cabinets, incorporate a stunning fireplace, include LED lights, floating shelves, a sound system or even an artificial chimney breast to bring a feeling of authenticity to it, we can make it happen.

As well as being able to see one of our Media Walls in all of its glory, there are also samples of the finishes, colours, styles of doors, cabinetry and granite worktops we can offer. There are so many amazing options and possible combinations that the Media Wall you decide on will definitely bring a unique and attractive element of luxury to your home.

Incorporating a fireplace in your Media Wall has proven to be an incredibly popular choice with our clients. Alternatively, opting for a Fire Wall instead by leaving the TV out altogether and making the fireplace the main focal element has also been a huge success.

Gas Appliance Superstore has an extensive range of exceptional electric and gas fireplaces. So whilst you are visiting our display, make sure to browse their excellent selection and choose the perfect fireplace for your new Media Wall.

Pick up one of our brochures next time you visit Gas Appliance Superstore

Pick up one of our brochures next time you visit Gas Appliance Superstore

Bespoke Media Walls

At Champion Projects we are Media Wall specialists and can provide the full package. From the design and manufacture of your Media Wall to its complete installation at your property, including the related electrics, lighting and AV, we ensure every single aspect of the project is taken care of.

Interested in a new Media Wall for your home? Take a trip to Gas Appliance Superstore on Alder Road in Poole and visit our official display to learn more or get in touch with the Champion Projects team.

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