Common kitchen layouts in Poole and Bournemouth

When planning your new kitchen there are lots of things to consider and many decisions to be made. One of the most important design aspects you will need to decide on is the layout of your kitchen. In many cases your choice may be restricted by the size of the room, the location of doors and windows, the way in which your kitchen is currently set up and a number of other elements.

However, if you are fortunate enough to have a space that is suitable for various different layouts, then it is most definitely worthwhile to take some time and consider which type of layout would be best for you.

Different kitchen layouts offer different experiences, with many factors potentially affecting whether a certain layout will meet your needs. Some of the things to consider are whether the kitchen will be used by a single person or an entire family, will it suit the lifestyles of those living there, will it be an area used for socialising or simply a place for preparing and cooking meals? The answer to these and other similar questions may influence your final decision.

To give you some food for thought as you plan, here is a guide to the most common kitchen layouts:


As the name suggests, this kitchen layout incorporates units and countertops along a single wall. Typically found in smaller kitchens with limited space, it is a simple design that can still deliver the desired functionality. Utilising both upper and lower cabinets will allow you to maximise the amount of storage space available.


A galley kitchen contains two rows of units installed on parallel walls, essentially forming a passage between them. Much like the one-wall kitchen, a galley kitchen is often the layout of choice for smaller rooms and is a fantastic way to make full use of the available space. Both upper and lower cabinets are usually used, however, depending on how much storage space you require you may have the option of using some of the wall space for other features.

Galley kitchen layout
Galley Kitchen


An L-shaped kitchen has units fitted along two perpendicular walls, unsurprisingly forming the shape of an L. The number of units and length of countertops are obviously dependent on how much wall space is available, but each design can be tailored to suit your home. The corner cabinet is often seen as unusable space, although clever design techniques can help you make the most of it.

L-shaped kitchen layout
L-Shaped Kitchen


A wonderful type of kitchen if your home allows for it. U-shaped kitchens typically have units and countertops fitted along three adjacent walls. With plenty of room for storage, you will have the freedom to utilise some of the wall space for features other than cabinetry and appliances if you choose. The ideal layout for busy kitchens that may be used by more than one person at a time.

U-shaped kitchen layout
U-Shaped Kitchen


An island kitchen features a unit in the middle of the kitchen, usually offering an additional work surface as well as extra storage. A popular choice for open-plan kitchens, an island delivers exceptional functionality. Whether you use it for meal preparation, a breakfast bar for casual dining, utilise the storage space with a bespoke wine rack, or any number of other things, a kitchen island is a fantastic feature to have.

Island kitchen layouts
Kitchen Island


A peninsula kitchen offers similar benefits to an island kitchen but features a counter that protrudes from the kitchen units rather than sitting entirely standalone. As with an island, the peninsula offers plenty of additional functionality to your kitchen and is ideal for those who don’t quite have the space to incorporate an island.

Peninsula kitchen layouts
Kitchen Peninsula

Kitchen Installation Dorset

If you’re planning a new kitchen it is vital to ensure it suits your lifestyle and meets the needs of everyone within your home. The layout plays a huge part in ensuring your kitchen is functional, so it is certainly a decision you don’t want to rush into without taking everything into consideration!

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