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The importance of the kitchen simply cannot be understated. It’s a place to cook, eat, do laundry, wash dishes, feed your pets, separate your recycling, congregate during a party, prepare packed lunches, bake a birthday cake for that someone special and so much more. Whatever you may use your kitchen for we’re sure you’ll agree that it is an absolutely vital part of your home.

As a room that you will spend so much time in, surely you’d like it to perfectly meet your needs as well as offering a pleasant experience? If your kitchen isn’t the favourite room of your house it may well be time for an upgrade – and we’re more than happy to provide some reasons as to why this can be beneficial to you.

Kitchen Installation PooleIncrease Your Property Value

This may be the obvious one however that doesn’t make it any less true. Upgrading your kitchen will add value to your property – assuming it’s done well of course. The stats and figures vary by source and will usually assume that the budget for a kitchen renovation is proportional to the property’s value. However, it is widely-accepted that a new kitchen will add about 6% to the value of your house – although the figures claimed by various sources range from 4% to 20%.

It is commonly accepted as the most worthwhile improvement to a home, which is especially true if you’re aiming to sell. The opportunity to move into a house that already features a fantastic kitchen is a huge draw, making the kitchen one of the most important factors in the decision making process for buyers.

Design a Kitchen to Meet Your Needs

It’s your home so obviously you want a kitchen that offers exactly what you need. Kitchens nowadays can be incredibly versatile and there are an infinite number of designs and features that allow for a unique kitchen whose every detail exists to cater to you. From modern appliances and built in wine coolers to bespoke storage solutions and TVs or media centres – the possibilities are there for you to upgrade your kitchen to one that suits your every requirement.

If your kitchen area has limited space you can still benefit from a new kitchen installation. You’ll be surprised at how much functionality you can experience in a small kitchen by utilising clever designs and bespoke solutions.

Kitchen Installation PoolePersonalise Your Space

Every room within your home should feel like it is truly yours. While kitchens may be less capable of accommodating some items of decor that typically bring character to your property – artwork, furniture, carpets, rugs, bookshelves, ornaments, cushions etc. – it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a kitchen that doesn’t express your own taste. Having a new kitchen installed is more than just picking your favourite one from a catalogue. When it comes to kitchen design there are many ways in which you can make it your own.

From the colour of the cabinets and the material of the worktops down to the door handles and splashback – with the possibility of customising so many elements of the design, you can ensure your kitchen is both unique and perfectly in tune with your personal style.

The Perfect Chance to Make Other Improvements

This is especially relevant to those who have kitchens that haven’t been updated in some time. A kitchen upgrade provides the ideal opportunity to improve other elements of your kitchen that may be outdated, such as the electrics, plumbing, lighting, windows and flooring. These works would typically involve a level of disruption within your home so planning to have them taken care of during a kitchen installation allows you to avoid this additional inconvenience. This allows you to ensure that every aspect of your kitchen is high quality and ready to stand the test of time.

Kitchen Installation Poole

Many people are wary of committing to a kitchen upgrade due to the concern that it’ll be expensive. However, even if you’re working to a tight budget there are still high quality options available that will result in a fantastic kitchen. Whatever your personal needs and style preferences may be we guarantee that a new kitchen, designed to specifically suit your home, can become a reality.

As expert kitchen fitters in Dorset at Champion Projects we have the skills and expertise to design, supply and install bespoke kitchens of the highest standard. Our complete service begins with us discussing exactly what you’re looking for in a kitchen and ends with you enjoying the kitchen of your dreams.

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