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Summer time usually means getting away from it all by hopping on a flight and heading towards some exciting or exotic destination. However, as we are all very aware, things haven’t quite been business as usual recently! After varying levels of lockdown, constantly changing restrictions and unprecedented disruption to everyday life we’re sure everybody is desperate for a much-needed getaway. Unfortunately, the uncertainty surrounding quarantine rules alongside circumstances potentially changing at extremely short notice means that a well-deserved Summer holiday isn’t on the cards for many people this year.

As a result an increasing number of homeowners are deciding that if they can’t get away to enjoy some better surroundings, they’ll just improve their current surroundings instead! The recent demand for home improvement services has been huge and we can definitely understand why. After long periods without much reason or opportunity to leave the house it’s only natural to have noticed certain aspects of your home that could benefit from a change.

As well as this, many people are coming to terms with the fact that working from home is here to stay. Home improvement projects aimed to aid this transition are becoming popular as homeowners realise that any changes to their home can also incorporate improvements to their work environment.

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If you share the feeling that now is the perfect time to make improvements to your home, Champion Projects are here to help. Maybe your spare bedroom/brand new office space requires new flooring that’s more suitable for your fancy office chair. With midday trips to Greggs now out of the question, is it time to finally upgrade your kitchen so you’ve got a nice area to spend your lunch breaks? Or maybe your savings have been boosted by not really being able to do much over the past 18 months and you’re just looking to invest it in enhancing your property.

Whatever the reason, our skilled team is available to turn your desired property improvements into a reality. From expert carpentry services and laminate flooring installation to electrical installations and bespoke kitchen installation services, we offer a wide range of specialist services that can meet your home refurbishment and renovation needs. Get in touch today to discuss how Champion Projects can meet your home improvement needs.

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