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As flooring specialists we always strive to offer our clients an exceptional service using only the best materials, which is why Champion Projects are delighted to offer a supply and installation service for Amtico Click LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring. This premium flooring solution provides high quality and high performance at a fraction of the price you would expect.

Amtico Click has numerous benefits, allowing you to utilise this fantastic flooring within any room or area of your home or business property.

The Benefits of Amtico Click

Versatile – Effective in both appearance and performance, offering the ideal flooring solution throughout your entire home.

Resilient – Resistant to stains and scuffs, Amtico Click holds up spectacularly well even in high traffic areas and continues to look stunning at all times.

Waterproof – Its impermeability allows it to be utilised as the perfect solution for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, basements and anywhere else your flooring may be exposed to splashes, spillages and other wet situations.

Comfortable – Softer and more pleasant underfoot experience than ceramic, wood and other types of hardfloor.

Underfloor Heating Compatible – Amtico Click is not susceptible to the risk of warping or cracking like natural wood flooring and is completely compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Integrated Underlay – Designed to incorporate an integrated underlay which provides effective insulation, contributes to the comfortable underfoot feeling and allows it to be installed over existing flooring, including concrete, without compromising quality or performance.

Low Maintenance – Very easy to clean and maintain, providing a perfect low-effort flooring solution for those with busy lives and busy homes.

Amtico Click Performs Well – But Does It Look Good?

The answer to that is an emphatic “Yes!” As well as offering an unrivalled level of quality and performance, Amtico Click LVT is also attractive and authentic, delivering the appearance you’d expect from a premium flooring solution.

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, there is an Amtico Click tile for you. Available in both stone and wood effect, there is such a wealth of options that you shouldn’t worry about finding one that you think looks good – the real problem arises when you have to decide on just one!

While stone effect is typically suited to contemporary styles and wood effect is often chosen within traditional home settings, when it comes to Amtico Click there truly are no limitations. The vast range of styles and colours offer such an array of choice that you are guaranteed to find the perfect flooring to suit your home or commercial property.

Amtico Click Installer Dorset

Amtico Click luxury vinyl tile is a fantastic flooring solution that looks stunning in any room while offering excellent value for money. The installation process is swift and the integrated underlay reduces the additional materials required, resulting in lower costs for you. If you’re interested in Amtico Click for your home or business within Poole, Bournemouth and throughout Dorset please get in touch with us today. Our expert flooring fitters will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you decide which Amtico Click flooring tile is right for you.